Athlete Parent Behavior: Don’t Damage Your Child or Their Recruiting

Former major league pitcher Mitch Williams recently lived up to his “Wild Thing” nickname when he was ejected from his son’s youth baseball game for reportedly engaging in a profanity-laced tirade in the face of an umpire. While extreme, the Wild Thing’s behavior reflects some parents’ inability to appropriately control their emotions and opinions related to their child’s sports activities at all levels…

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How to Connect to a Video on RSN

We, at RSN, often gather large numbers of games via athlete uploads and our partnership with tournament operators. Our site is designed to enable athletes to connect to any video in our system.

In order to do so, just follow the following process:

  1. Go to and click “Register” near the top right of the screen.
  2. Select “Athlete” and continue. Then fill out your basic information and click “Sign Up.”
  3. You will then receive a confirmation email with a link to verify your account. Please click the link then sign into your account. (Note that it is sometimes directed into your spam folder depending on your email provider and settings).
  4. Now fill in your contact information. You can do this under the “Profile” tab. Fill out the required fields under each tab. Please be as detailed as possible and, after completing, remember to save your changes.
  5. Select “Sports” from the top navigation bar and enter your sport and your information.
  6. Add your “List of Preferred Schools” under the “Schools” section. Enter any schools that have contacted you as well as those that match your profile from the RecruitU app. If you have not had a chance to check it out, RecruitU processes your academic and athletic information and returns a list of schools that match your abilities and preferences. Remember to save your changesYour profile should now be complete.
  7. To connect to your full game videos, login and make sure that you have purchased a credit for the game. Then, click the “Search” button near the top-right of the homepage. If you cannot see the “Search” button, click the “Manage Account” near the top of the screen and it should appear.
  8. Simply select your sport from the Sport drop down menu, then click the “Search” button below the empty fields. Please note that if you cannot see your specific sport, you did not select it under the sports tab of your profile (See step 5).
  9. You will see a box with list of games. Near the top of that box there is a field which you can enter game info. Begin typing in your team name and all of your team’s games should pop up immediately! Select which game you would like to attach to your profile.
  10. From here you can view to confirm it is the game you are seeking. Once confirmed, enter all of the relevant information into the fields below, and click “Attach Video”, and you are done. The game will appear on your profile and will be automatically emailed to the colleges you have selected in your list of preferred schools! You will also receive a link that you can email to coaches in the future.

You can monitor schools that have viewed each game on your RSN dashboard.

If you have any questions or problems regarding this process, please email:

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Demystifying the College Athletic Recruiting Process

Athletes and their parents constantly ask me questions about the athletic recruiting process: “What do I do? Where do I start? Which schools should I target? How do I go about getting a coach’s attention?”

The process can seem overwhelming, because recruits don’t always have the information they need to make the right decisions. This lack of knowledge can lead to stress, missed opportunities and poor choices. Athletes and their parents are not at fault. Choosing a school is a complicated life decision that requires proper education and advice…

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College Recruiting FAQ: Early Action vs. Early Decision

During the recruiting or college selection process, a student-athlete may consider applying to colleges under either early action or early decision. It’s important to understand the differences between these two applications and their requirements….

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Prepare Early for the College Recruiting Process

Most high school athletes don’t prepare for the college recruiting process until their junior year (or later), but they should start laying the groundwork earlier than that to get a head start…

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Recruiting Tips from an NBA Mom and Educator

We recently had the pleasure of having Doreen Kelly as a Guest on our “Recruiting Coaches Show” podcast. Doreen provided insightful and valuable recruiting keys for our athletes and  parents. Doreen possesses a unique perspective – she is a both a renowned educator and mother of a highly recruited student-athlete: former Duke Basketball star and current Los Angeles Laker, Ryan Kelly. She has also observed and been involved in the athletic recruiting process as a coach, advisor and observer during her tenure at the prep school level, particularly as Head of School at Ravenscroft School. Here are some of her key tips for successfully navigating the recruiting process for athletes and their parents.

  1. Find schools that fit your academic profile first. From that pool determine those that fit your athletic skill set.
  2. When evaluating college coaches, look for strong moral leaders. Do not settle for a coach who does not share your values.
  3. The recruiting process goes both ways. While college coaches will have questions for you, you should also have questions for them.
  4. Try to determine the Coach’s candor regarding your rank in their recruiting pecking order.
  5. The number one priority in this process is academics. You must determine where you stand with your guidance counselor – are you on track with core courses, GPA, SAT/ACT, Eligibility Center?
  6. Take the SAT early and often.
  7. Be organized – there’s nothing more stressful than a panicked athlete at the end of the process who may be struggling or has not completed one piece of the process.
  8. Are you an athlete that someone wants to recruit? Are you fun to be around? Are you tough physically and mentally? Do you enjoy the game? Do you work on your sport outside of team practices? Will you take responsibility for your academic performance?
  9. Identify who will be a part of your decision making process and make sure that they have the wherewithal to be valuable contributors.
  10. Ask questions. How long has the head coach been there? How long have the assistant coaches been there? How stable is the program? Is their style of play compatible with mine? What is the transfer rate on the team? How long has the athletic director been there? Do you sense that this school will have early success with this young coach?
  11. I know they say ‘look at the school’ but, in our experience, the assistant coach plays a very key role in the corporate set up of a  college program in terms of being in the head coach’s ear to advocate for the athlete they recruited.
  12. Evaluate what types of players and people are being recruited by the school. Spend time with the walk-ons because that will give you a sense of how the entire program is operated. If that individual was treated with respect that told us something about the program.
  13. “Hard work beats talent when talent isn’t working hard.”
  14. Make sure the sport you are attempting to play is a game you truly enjoy.
  15. Be an energy-giver, not an energy-taker. Approach every practice and every game with this mentality.
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Recruiting Advice for Parents from NBA Mom and Educator

We recently had the pleasure of having Doreen Kelly as a Guest on our “Recruiting Coaches Show” podcast. Doreen provided insightful and valuable recruiting keys for our athletes and, particularly, our parents. Doreen possesses a unique perspective – she is a both a renowned educator and mother of a highly recruited student-athlete: former Duke Basketball star and current Los Angeles Laker, Ryan Kelly. She has also observed and been involved in the athletic recruiting process as a coach, advisor and observer during her tenure at the prep school level, particularly as Head of School at Ravenscroft School. Here are some of her enlightening thoughts for successfully navigating the recruiting process for parents of athletes.

You aren’t going to be any better parents, or worse parents, based on who is or isn’t recruiting your child. Don’t allow it to define you as a parent or person.

I also learned that coaches had a propensity to tell me that they loved my son and I was completely uninterested in love because there were going to be days that he stunk and the only person sitting in the gym loving him was me. So I was far more attuned, as a parent, to coaches who respected my son’s game.

I learned as a Mom, that 90% of the purchasing power in this country is controlled by women, and coaches know that, and coaches were keenly interested in my thoughts, opinions, even where I went to Church and there was a keen interest in the relationship with Mom, as opposed to Dad, which was intriguing.

To be effective as a parent in this process, I learned it’s important to know the game, and to appreciate other aspects of the game. Working with other women and single moms in particular, it’s important to know that you can know enough about the game and no one has to help you take your child through this process, that you’re perfectly capable of guiding your child through the process.

And finally I learned that at the end of the day (Kevin Durant has said this and others have quoted), ‘Hard work beats talent when talent isn’t working hard.’ And so I’ve learned through that journey that hard working kids can go a long way, but its consistent hard work.

It can be an enjoyable process if, I tell parents today, you buy yourself a little pack of Kool-Aid and clip it on the fridge. Don’t open it. Don’t pour it. Don’t drink it. Keep the recruiting process honest and straight forward, be courageous, ask challenging questions, and enjoy the moment. If you’re fortunate enough to be in that position, it’s an enjoyable, honoring position. Don’t get too stressed about it, just enjoy it.

Chris and I have read the book “Mindset” by  Stanford Professor Carol Dweck and talked a lot about a gross mind-set vs. a fixed mind-set. So going through the process we didn’t want to unintentionally create a fixed mind-set by which we were determining outcomes. So I think a key in the process is, it’s really important as parents to be involved, but in the role of posing questions not presenting answers. Because I  one of the growing experiences for your child is to be able to come to that conclusion. So, when Ryan was getting down to particular choices, those were his choices. Our job was to remind him, you know, ‘School XYZ has a potential to recruit over you, do you understand that? So when it gets tough freshman year and you’re not playing a whole lot, you made that choice. No one forced you into that choice so you’re going to have to go work harder.’

When a particular coach said ‘Look, you could be looking for an agent at a certain point.’ We sat there and said, ‘Look here’s the truth and love. You’re 190 lbs. and you can’t hold position on the block. It’s going to take you time.’ That doesn’t sound like a reasonable pitch to you. What do you think about that? So I think being in a position of not drinking that Kool-Aid too early, and getting intoxicated by the process is important for parents as it is to remain very cognizant of asking really great questions and allowing kids to sort through those answers.

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Take Control of Your College Recruiting With the New RecruitU App

Our new mobile app “RecruitU” is featured on STACK Media. “If you’re looking to compete in sports at the college level and are unsure about where and how to begin—enter RecruitU.” Read the article at
and then download the RecruitU app at
Athletes can now quickly find and connect with their ideal colleges and coaches!

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Coach Pete Carroll’s Keys to Success

I recently had the opportunity to hear Pete Carroll, Super Bowl winning Coach of the Seattle Seahawks speak at USC. Enhanced by an appearance by Will Ferrell, the energy, message and insight offered by Coach Carroll was valuable for coaches, athletes and entrepreneurs alike.

For your benefit, I’ve summarized Coach Carroll’s key points below:

1. Expect something good to happen

2. Learn about your people in order to better communicate 3. You’re either competing or you’re not

4. Be relentless in finding a competitive edge

5. Look for what your personnel/individual can do, not what they can’t 6. Identify the things that you totally believe in – you have the power to control

7. Three team rules:

    • Always protect the team
    • No whining, complaining, excuses
    • Be early – shows someone is organized, planned, respectful, sets priorities

8. Set a vision for your organization and communicate it – (His USC vision – “Own the Rose Bowl”)

9. There is tremendous power in vision: Define and declare it Stay on track with it (including people) Requires discipline and regimen

10. Design the culture of your workplace – think thru, design and create

11. Focus on what you can become, not what you can’t

12. Engage your learners – make it fun, different so they like being there

13. Grit is Key

    • Be passionate, persistent, relentless, and finish
    • Strive for something, not against something
    • Becoming the best that you can be will help your teammates become the best that they can be
    • Control, create, and remain tied to your values

What struck me about Coach Carroll’s presentation was how planned and organized his approach is – unlike the public perception that his success is only attributable to his positive, engaging personality. Valuable insights and thought provoking for us all.

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RSN Launches ‘RecruitU’ College Matching App For Athletes

RecruitU, a new iPhone application designed to assist student athletes in their college decision making and recruiting process, is live in the App Store.

RecruitU provides high school and junior college student athletes with a college selection and matching tool that enables athletes to input relevant information and receive a resulting list of colleges that represent an ideal fit for their profile. The App also provides information on each college, including location, enrollment, conference affiliation, tuition, and more. Finally, the RecruitU App enables students and their parents to connect directly with the coaches at each selected school via their personal email.

George White, developer of RecruitU and former college coach and athlete had this to say about the need this app fulfils in the college recruiting process, “In order to pursue their dreams of playing at the college level, I am constantly approached by athletes and parents with questions about the recruiting process such as, ‘What do I do? Where do I start? Which schools should I target? How do I go about getting a coach’s attention?’

In order to resolve this need, we developed our RecruitU App to be the powerful solution to getting athletes and parents on the fast track in this process.  We structured RecruitU to address this big pain point by eliminating confusion as athletes and parents begin the recruiting process.  RecruitU utilizes a one-of-a kind robust platform to focus them on ideal schools, which match their academic and athletic profile and immediately connect them with coaches at these schools. 

For college coaches, RecruitU provides an expanded pool of student athletes that meet their criteria along with the key info and video access to enable them to evaluate and contact these athletes.

RecruitU is a game changer which ensures the perfect recruiting marriage of athlete, college and coach.

RecruitU’s database includes the contact info for the coaches of every college and sport, allowing student athletes to directly email the coaching staff of matching schools. A personalized email template, that includes the individual student athlete’s key info and video, is created in the App to assist in making a compelling introduction to coaches. The RecruitU iPhone App was designed by college coaching experts to help high school athletes, and their parents, find the right college, get recruited and secure a scholarship.

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