Recruiting Sports Network and Evolution Basketball Partner to Deliver Recruiting Opportunities

RSN to Deliver Platform to Evolution Athletes and Virginia and DC Market

Recruiting Sports Network (RSN) and Evolution Basketball Training have developed a strategic partnership to provide RSN’s services and technology to Evolution’s athlete customers and cultivate the Northern Virginia and Washington, DC area athlete market for further joint initiatives.

Through this relationship, Evolution will direct its customer base and network of athletes, coaches and parents to RSN to manage their recruiting.  In addition, RSN will partner with Evolution to deliver its hybrid evaluation clinic model to Evolution’s customer base, geographic region and network.

“Recruiting Sports Network has developed the leading edge approach to match athletes with their ideal colleges and programs. This focus is important to us in order to ensure that our kids’ hard work and our commitment to them results in finding fulfillment at the college level.  RSN provides visionary resources, technology and planning tools to identify matching target schools and a roadmap for athletes and parents to follow and ensure success and take the stress and confusion out of the recruiting process.” stated Alex Harris, Co-Founder of Evolution Training.

Evolution is the largest and most established basketball skills training entity in the Virginia and Washington, DC areas.  Evolution conducts training, camps, clinics and strength and conditioning development for athletes in its region.

“We are excited about the opportunity to extend Evolution’s success in developing athletes to fulfilling their dreams and hard work by connecting them with their ideal college athletic and academic opportunities.  Alex, Mandy and their Evolution team have a great reputation and impact in their region and our partnership will expand our reach and mission to make a difference for student-athletes and further develop our model in the attractive Northern Virginia/DC market,” commented George White, CEO of RSN.

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  • We match and connect you with your “best fit” schools academically and athletically
  • Connect with college coaches at your ideal schools
  • Get the tools to gain exposure and find your best choice
  • Gain scholarship opportunities
  • Be happy and fulfilled athletically and academically


  • Evaluations by pro coaches
  • An immediate list of matching schools
  • Personalized recruiting gameplan
  • Free Personal Web Page –  add videos, transcript and share with coaches
  • Tap into our database of every school in the U.S.
  • Access to 50,000 college coaches
  • Advice from former college coaches
  • Certified Athlete designation
  • We are NCAA approved

Contact us to realize your dream of playing at the next level!

  • Email:
  • Call: (650) 796-3034


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RSN to Hold First Hoops Evaluation and Development Clinic for Washington, DC Area

Recruiting Sports Network is launching its one-of-a-kind Evaluation and Development Clinic for high school boys basketball student-athletes on Oct. 11-12 at DeMatha HS in Hyattsville, MD. Conducted by former college head coaches Pete Strickland and George White, the event will match the participating athletes with their ideal colleges and coaches based on their clinic evaluation and academic performance.

Register Here

Recruiting Sports Network DC Hoops Evaluation and Development Clinic Info:

  • Dates and time: Oct. 11th and 12th from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
  • Location: DeMatha High School, 4313 Madison St, Hyattsville, MD 20781
  • Fee: $100
  • To Register: Go to this link
  • Limited availability
  • Participants: High School Boys Basketball Student-Athletes

RSN is instituting these events in multiple sports to address problems common to the recruiting process – the high college athlete transfer and dropout rates, lack of playing time, poor academic and social fit, and lack of student-athlete fulfillment and unhappiness on several levels.

The invaluable feedback and direction provided will enable athletes to be very focused in their recruiting process. In addition, the clinic will include recruiting oriented sessions for participating athletes and parents to educate them on the key elements of the process and prepare them to approach it in a manner which will ensure success and an ideal college fit.

From a basketball standpoint, RSN’s college level coaches will conduct skills development and competitive games while evaluating the athletes throughout to gauge their level of play projected into college.

This evaluation of their level of play is critical to identifying their ideal matching schools.

Based on their evaluation and review of their academic record, RSN will then provide them with their ideal matching schools list at the end of the event and guidance on next steps to connect with those coaches.

Coach Pete Strickland resume

Coach George White resume

Register Here

For more information, please email

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Basic Sports Nutrition from the Experts

Our recent podcast guests, Matt Johnson and Ben Kenyon, provided some valuable nutrition related advice for our student-athletes. Matt is the Director of Strength and Conditioning at George Washington University and Ben is Sports Performance Specialist with the Portland Trail Blazers of the NBA.

Their nutrition tips are very simple and don’t involve major expenditures. Moreover, they can be instrumental in helping athletes elevate their performance, recovery and, thus, enhance their college recruiting and athletic scholarship opportunities.

A summary of these tips is as follows:

  • Nutrition is for fuel to increase your performance
  • You should equate your body to a car’s need for gas  – active athletes need continuous nourishment
  • In simplistic terms, if it looks bad, it’s probably bad for you; if it looks good, it’s probably good for you
  • Prior to competition, athletes need carbohydrates and some protein (cereal, eggs, bagels, wheat, pasta)
  • Post competition, athletes need  protein (recovery shake, meat, fish, greek yogurt) and some carbs to repair their body. These should be consumed within 45 minutes of the end of the game.

As you can see, it’s not very complicated but athletes should take notice and be prepared by bringing these required nutritional items with them to their competitions, particularly during our current tournament and camp season (where college coaches are often recruiting). By following these tips, you’ll improve your short and long-term performance and better position yourself to play well in front of college coaches in order to get recruited and receive an athletic scholarship.

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4 Things Every Athlete Must Remember During The Recruiting Process

The college recruiting process is so long and stressful that it ends up clouding many recruits’ judgment. Here are four things that every student-athlete must remember during the recruiting process.

Read the article on STACK

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What the New SAT Means for Student-Athletes

In the spring of 2016, the College Board rolls out its redesigned Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). If you’re a high school freshman or sophomore athlete who plans to apply to college, you need to understand the changes. Get the rundown on the new SAT on STACK

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Recruiting Sports Network Certified by NCAA

NCAA Designates Recruiting Technology and Content Leader with Scouting Certification

Recruiting Sports Network (RSN) has again received certification from the NCAA for our recruiting, scouting and video-related services. RSN has been recognized as one of the select few in its industry to adhere to and follow the strict standards set forth by the NCAA in order to conduct business as a certified recruiting and video service. This designation is significant as, in accordance with NCAA bylaws, NCAA Division I institutions are only permitted to subscribe to entities that passed the NCAA approval process (as it pertains to the sports of football and men’s and women’s basketball).

This certification reflects RSN’s position as a trusted knowledge leader providing key tools to facilitate an ideal connection between athletes and college coaches in the recruiting process.

“We have been diligent to ensure that we have received this NCAA designation since our inception. It validates our continued efforts to provide next level technology on digital, mobile and personal levels to connect student-athletes with their ideal college program and coaches. We appreciate the efforts of the NCAA and its member institutions to professionalize our business as a whole. Our student athletes and their parents, in particular, need trusted resources and information in the athletic recruiting process and our mission is to serve them in this role. We will continue to expand and make these resources more accessible as our platforms and services grow,” stated George White, CEO of Recruiting Sports Network.


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Transferring Colleges: Buyer Beware for Athletes

We were recently advising a high school student-athlete regarding the athletic recruiting process and he indicated that he decided to begin his college career at a Division III school then transfer to the Division I school of his dreams with the intention to play his sport at that level. This is not the first time I have heard this concept from a student athlete and, as I mentioned to him, it is important to consider the rules and ramifications which impact athletes who transfer at the college level – it’s not as smooth a transition as it may appear on the surface.

Typically, if you’re going up in a roman numeral in the sports of baseball, basketball, men’s ice hockey and football (i.e. – from NCAA Division II to DI), you must sit out a year unless you obtain an exception or waiver from the NCAA. Note that these waivers are about to become more difficult to obtain as the NCAA tightens up its exceptions policies.  On the other hand, if you’re going down a roman numeral (Division I to Division II, DII to DIII) you don’t have to sit out. You also need to be in good academic standing at your original school and be making progress toward a degree to be eligible upon a transfer. All this said, you should confirm your prospective transfer status with your original institution, the NCAA, the institution to which you are transferring and their conference before committing.

More importantly, you need to decide whether sitting out a year is worth it to you. You may view it as an opportunity to develop as you are typically permitted to practice with the team while sitting out, assuming that you are academically eligible. Thus, you can hone your skills, become accustomed to the level of play and become stronger and more athletic.

Keep in mind, however, that there are alternative scenarios that do not necessitate sitting out a year. These include attending a prep school or junior college (though there are transfer rules that do apply to JUCO transfers). Each of these options can offer strong competition and an opportunity to develop your game and mature as an athlete, assuming that you will earn significant playing time. With the prep school option, you need to recognize that you will be running in place academically by not achieving college credits during this period.

Also, if you’re not an immediate qualifier academically through the NCAA Eligibility Center to play as a freshman, junior college is also a viable option to compete immediately while pursuing college credits and positioning yourself to be re-recruited, typically after spending two years at the junior college. Junior college sports are very competitive, academically viable and can enable you to stay closer to home and be in a more affordable situation.

The junior college and prep school route can enable you to play right away without sitting out a year if you were eligible through the NCAA eligibility center as a senior in high school or after your time in prep school. In this situation, you can transfer after one year at a Junior College and play right away assuming your junior college information and academic performance is all in order. Most importantly, the prep and JUCO options offer the opportunity to go through the athletic recruiting process again with the prospects of being more ideally positioned assuming that you have developed and matured as an athlete and student.

You should evaluate the practical and personal issues related to a prospective transfer, however. One of the considerations related to transferring and sitting out is that it not only disrupts your athletic experience in terms of missing a year of game competition but it also can create upheaval in your college experience.  For example, in the scenario noted above related to the athlete starting at a DIII school with the intention of transferring to DI, he would have begun achieving a comfort zone at his original school –  social, academically, logistically and athletically. To then move to another school for just athletic purposes, it may not in reality be ideal ultimately especially if he was in a situation where he became comfortable at his initial school on most key levels. Plus, you may have an opportunity to play more minutes sooner and over the course of your career at that initial school, particularly if it’s at a lower level than the one to which you are transferring – playing time often is correlated with overall happiness for student athletes.  Another key consideration relates to your academic progress in that all of your courses may not transfer and you may not be able to duplicate your major at your new school.  You will also be interrupting the development of personal relationships among peers and teammates who could become lifelong friends and leaving an environment that’s more compatible with you socially. Regardless, you’ll need to start over on all of these levels at your new school.

We’ve often discussed on our podcast the importance of having realistic sights during the process.  Step back and view the long-term ramifications of a transfer- it’s good to pursue a dream, but it’s better to pursue a dream realistically with your eyes wide open – the grass is not always greener elsewhere and sometime you best situation is the one your currently experiencing and can maximize.

*Note – Become familiar with all of the current rules and ramifications before settling on a transfer commitment. Also, use the resources of our RecruitU app and related Recruiting Sports Network services to find your ideal school and program as early as possible in the recruiting process so a transfer won’t be a consideration.

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Athlete Parent Behavior: Don’t Damage Your Child or Their Recruiting

Former major league pitcher Mitch Williams recently lived up to his “Wild Thing” nickname when he was ejected from his son’s youth baseball game for reportedly engaging in a profanity-laced tirade in the face of an umpire. While extreme, the Wild Thing’s behavior reflects some parents’ inability to appropriately control their emotions and opinions related to their child’s sports activities at all levels…

Read the full article at Huffington Post

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How to Connect to a Video on RSN

We, at RSN, often gather large numbers of games via athlete uploads and our partnership with tournament operators. Our site is designed to enable athletes to connect to any video in our system.

In order to do so, just follow the following process:

  1. Go to and click “Register” near the top right of the screen.
  2. Select “Athlete” and continue. Then fill out your basic information and click “Sign Up.”
  3. You will then receive a confirmation email with a link to verify your account. Please click the link then sign into your account. (Note that it is sometimes directed into your spam folder depending on your email provider and settings).
  4. Now fill in your contact information. You can do this under the “Profile” tab. Fill out the required fields under each tab. Please be as detailed as possible and, after completing, remember to save your changes.
  5. Select “Sports” from the top navigation bar and enter your sport and your information.
  6. Add your “List of Preferred Schools” under the “Schools” section. Enter any schools that have contacted you as well as those that match your profile from the RecruitU app. If you have not had a chance to check it out, RecruitU processes your academic and athletic information and returns a list of schools that match your abilities and preferences. Remember to save your changesYour profile should now be complete.
  7. To connect to your full game videos, login and make sure that you have purchased a credit for the game. Then, click the “Search” button near the top-right of the homepage. If you cannot see the “Search” button, click the “Manage Account” near the top of the screen and it should appear.
  8. Simply select your sport from the Sport drop down menu, then click the “Search” button below the empty fields. Please note that if you cannot see your specific sport, you did not select it under the sports tab of your profile (See step 5).
  9. You will see a box with list of games. Near the top of that box there is a field which you can enter game info. Begin typing in your team name and all of your team’s games should pop up immediately! Select which game you would like to attach to your profile.
  10. From here you can view to confirm it is the game you are seeking. Once confirmed, enter all of the relevant information into the fields below, and click “Attach Video”, and you are done. The game will appear on your profile and will be automatically emailed to the colleges you have selected in your list of preferred schools! You will also receive a link that you can email to coaches in the future.

You can monitor schools that have viewed each game on your RSN dashboard.

If you have any questions or problems regarding this process, please email:

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